B R A N D , I n c .

B R A N D , I n c . Four-decades of success, crafting brand and brand marketing programs from local to regional, National and Global clients. Our founder Chris Power-Gomez is known world-wide for having success in nearly every marketplace from consumer products, professional services, entertainment and technology.

To us the brand has always been the centerpoint from which all communications are a result. With marketplace changes occurring rapidly, and customer expectations being at an all-time high for experience and appreciation, the brand must be the focus to all communication to the customer; brand and brand communications are the voice, the promise to the customer.

The importance of brand strategy and customer alignment cannot be over-stated – customer lifestyles strategies and the co-existence of brand and lifestyles. Today more than ever it’s about the customer, and the delivery of your message is your brand.

We specialize in crafting tailored brand communication to specific customers for our clients. We never lose sight of our goal… bottom line growth.

Brand, Inc. is the result of unmatched experience, and unimaginable talent. 


While not always resulting in lifestyles brands, our methodology for determining brand character relies heavily on customer lifestyle.