Power-Gomez has been part of the world’s most successful brands  

Since the beginning, he created brands that were so well thought-out they’ve been called brand-centric, brand marketing or brand loyal; for Power-Gomez it has always been a standard. 

Not because of industry trends, simply because anything less would be irresponsible.

Power-Gomez has taken the brand and positioning mastery that has seen four-decades of success; and now he’s created industry-specific offerings using social media platforms. The Power-Gomez brand and positioning foundation is poised to disrupt, and re-establish best practice. These two marketplaces are:

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Executive Career Management – succeeding the personal brand space with a true, comprehensive brand solution – The LinkedIn Executive Brand.

The Auto Dealership space – connecting local residents. Positioning & aligning those in the geographic footprint with re-branding, re-positioning and using Autolife Magazine as a content marketing channel solution.