Brand, Inc. has depth of experience that’s hard to match outside of the global firms. With that it’s common knowledge for out-of-the-box creative you need to be in a boutique shop like Brand, Inc.

Look deep, into those crafting the future success of your company, of your products. We wrote the book on how a brand is developed. So with that-much on the line why take a chance. We know success.

Brand areas with proprietary methods of development and launch.

  • E X E C U T I V E  A brand program developed for LinkedIn’s executive members, was designed to augment the deficiencies of the personal brand. A true best-practice personal brand, with subsequent industry positioning and career path allows consistent management and personal growth.

  • C O R P O R A T E  The foundation of Power-Gomez’ work since the creation of the new economy – helping business with brand, corporate positioning, business & revenue modeling. Present your most profitable customer with clear value and differentiation. Let us help you present your promise.

  • L I F E S T Y L E S  The most granular identification and alignment of your target audience. A proven-successful approach to customer-centric branding for three decades. A comprehensive go-to-market methodology supports launch and marketplace positioning.

  • A U T O D E A L E R  The premier dealer brand – DealerPosition will define your local presence and manage the customer through every touchpoint. We create you channel and connect your store with your local car buying resident… making you the dealer-of-choice.


Brand, Inc. crafts brands that are so properly defined, they are called ‘brand-centric’.

Each of our four brand groups utilizes a proprietary methodology from which we identify the brand’s character.

That’s no small feat – most other brand firms use a blanket method of determining traits.