A-GO-TO-MARKET Program is a huge undertaking. Nearly 75% of products going to market fail. Failure in nearly every case is the result of not being properly prepared.

Preparedness goes to knowing everything about the targeted recipient, their lifestyle, needs and purchase habits. The importance of knowing the nuances of the marketplace and competitors  can’t be overstated.

Power-Gomez utilizes three stage methodology from brand to marketplace – In the Brand and Marketing phases, We’ll acquire the critical data, and develop strategies that put you and your offering in a position to succeed.

As a result we will possess valuable in depth experience that leaves us with the defining elements to construct a process of entering the marketplace.

Our Go-To-Market strategy addresses how customers will be acquired, on-boarded, retained and up-sold. It will also address how each account will be expanded to penetrate other sub-sectors or complimentary markets.

Through all, from beginning to end, we will have laser focus on how we can meet or exceed your company’s goals and objectives. The outcome will be a holistic ‘success path’ that we will walk with you. We’ll establish the framework to guide the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities required to achieve our objectives. The framework will put in practice the unique characteristics of your company:

  • Your Brand
  • Your customer
  • Marketplace characteristics
  • Goals and objectives

A well-constructed go to market framework provides a blueprint for delivering a product or service to market and forces the organization to think through sales, marketing, development, partners, services and support.

The best go to market strategies are useless unless they produce the desired business outcomes.  And, there is always the constant requirement to do more with less, meaning every resource must be optimized, all the time.